Real Freedom

The political machine is in full swing already for the next presidential election. By the time the person is elected, my guess would be most of us will be tired of the whole thing. Regardless of which person you listen to, vote for, or like, they all promise things that are very similar, and in the end there is little difference between any of them and the changes to our everyday life is miniscule. Take an honest look back at your life and has it changed all that much because of one person elected at President?

There is one who can make a real difference in your life. There is one person who can bring about real freedom for you. Sadly, you cannot vote for him. He died a long time ago. His followers to this day claim he is alive but in a different form. While he was alive as a person he never ran for any political office. In fact, he would rather have nothing to do with the political leaders of the day. He drew crowds of followers wherever he went. He reached out to the poor, the sick and marginalized.

Ultimately he was killed by the political machine as the sacrificial lamb, but God allowed him to rise from dead and he exists today in the hearts, minds and souls of his followers.

Of course it is Jesus who offers this real freedom. If you read his words and learn about what he did while he was on earth and what he does today in all who believe, you will see examples of real freedom. Give Jesus a try. What have you got to lose?