Pastor Sally Johnson

Greetings to everyone from Costa Rica and Pastor Sally Johnson

God is moving in our church and ministry in so many ways. We are Amazed and Blessed by the growth and all that He is doing through the Hearts and Hands of so many people.

“To Grow in Wisdom and Knowledge.” This is our desire through our education outreach program in both Harvest Tabernacle and the community. We want to empower people in every area of their lives that they may be productive and know their worth. We want individuals to determine in their hearts the desire to pursue this great treasure, to study the Word, seek the Lord’s will, and observe His principals in action leading to a full and abundant life.

Your gifts allow us to purchase backpack supplies, books, uniforms, shoes, required insurance policies, and other required items to begin school. Our education program continues to help students with project materials, exam fees, bus passes, photocopies, and various other needs throughout the school year. The students study hard and show accountability throughout the year. This year we were able to help 122 students to begin the 2019 school year. Praise God! This was an increase from 2018! We continue to need help with the yearly expenses, especially buying subject books.

This mission continues to seek prayer for:

  1. God’s guidance, healing, and wisdom

  2. Health and safety for Crosby and Pastor Sally

  3. Creativity and patience working with our students and families

  4. Monthly financial support for us and to meet 2019 educational and food needs in the community and church

  5. Needed repairs and maintenance at our church and mission house

  6. For increased understanding of what it means to follow Jesus for all we serve through our mission.

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Mayflower helps support Pastor Sally’s ministry through your donations at Refreshment Time on the first Sunday of the month.