Pastoral Care

Care Ministries

Our Pastor and Care Pastors provide care for our members and family in times of need. When contacted, the Pastor or Care Pastors can visit those who are hospitalized, in rehabilitation or who need support during critical times. If you are at a time in your life when you could use extra care, please contact our office at 239-775-0055.

Care Pastors

Care Pastors are members of the church who care about others, and help by being present, listening, encouraging, sympathizing and praying with those to whom they minister. They have received special training for their position. Care Pastors have an ethical and legal responsibility to maintain confidentiality.
Care Pastors visit and make phone calls to their care receivers on a regular basis. They also send cards to care receivers and other members of the congregation. If you would like to become part of this team, please contact the Pastor at 239-775-0055.

Communion for Those who Are Home Bound

If they wish, care receivers are provided the opportunity to receive communion from the Pastor or a Care Pastor during a home visit.

Grief Care

Our Pastor and Care Pastors are available to support you during a serious illness,  planning a Memorial service, or through the grieving process.


You are not alone during this critical time. Our Pastor, Care Pastors and Mayflower family members are available to support you through the grieving process. Please notify us of your loss by contacting the Pastor at 239-775-0055.

Memorial Services

Planning a Memorial service or Celebration of life for a loved one is never easy. Our Pastoral staff can support you in this. Please contact the Pastor at 239-775-0055.


Mayflower offers columbarium niches to its congregants. For additional information about planning a final resting place for a loved one, or yourself, in our Memorial Garden please contact the office at 239-775-0055.