Walking Moai

June 25, 2019 4:14 PM - June 26, 2021 4:14 PM

During Covid 19 restrictions, Mayflower's Walking Moai will continue because it is an outdoor activity.  We will walk at different parks every Tuesday.  We will practice physical  distancing and good sanitary practices.  You may start your walk as soon as you arrive, so that we're not walking as a very large group.

Mayflower's Walking Moai originated with our Blue Zones commitment. A Moai (moe-eye) is a longevity tradition in Okinawa, Japan. It is deeply ingrained into the social system of the island and is a social support group that start in childhood and extends throughout their lives, often into the members 100s. Even though we're no longer in our childhood, we are creating a new moai!

Another powerful habit of long lived societies is to move naturally. At Mayflower, we have combined these two habits and created our Walking Moai! By extension, we touch on a "Purpose" to get up on Tuesday mornings and we "Down Shift" to reduce the stress in our lives during our walks. To learn more about the Blue Zones, please read About Blue Zones

Mayflower's Walking Moai meets:

Tuesday, February 23rd at Sugden Park, at the main entrance by the picnic tables.

Tuesday, March 2nd at Baker Park, by the main entrance.

Tuesday, March 9th at Greenway Park, in the back parking lot close to the walking trails.

Tuesday, March 16th  at Freedom Park by the entrance to the office.

Tuesday, March 23rd at Eagle Lakes by the restrooms.

Tuesday, March 30th at Sugden Park, at the main entrance by the picnic tables.

Look for the Blue Zones shirts!  If you need a shirt, talk with Janice once you arrive.