Jesus was questioned by the religious authorities many times about his power, what he was doing and his authority. He was upsetting the way things normally worked in the society of his day. It was all a new way of living and being, one of love, peace and forgiveness. This past Sunday we heard Jesus tell those around him who his family was. His family was made up of people who believed in him, loved him and followed him. The same is true today. That is why churches are often referred to as families. A Christian church on one corner has the same beliefs as one on the next corner. Primarily, it is a love for God and a faith and belief in Jesus Christ. As Christians we all belong to the same family and are connected through our belief system.
Last Sunday, I was the guest preacher at Lely Palms Chapel. A resident there had been a member of a church I was the pastor at in the 1990’s in Massachusetts. She and her husband had moved to Marco Island shortly before my time there but we had a few precious moments after the service talking about some of the longtime members of that church. It brought back fond memories for both of us and made me realize the connection of the Christian family and how God brings people of like mind together in one place or another and how God puts people in our path on any given day to make us realize that we are part of a much larger family than we realize. We can walk into any church and be with family anywhere in the world. What a great family!