A Message From Pastor Alan

The corona virus has our nation and the world on edge. There are so many unknowns from day to day it is hard to keep up with the all the information coming our way. Please make sure you listen to reliable, reputable information sources for up to date information locally and nationally.
The question on everyone’s mind is when will things turn around and start to get better? As of today, there is no answer to that. Praying for a calm spirit, relying on our trust and faith in God, and patience are the best tools we have.

I have been in touch with Church Council members about a date for resuming worship services. It is too early to make a decision regarding that. The health and safety of every church member is paramount. I asked Council members to be in touch with me on a regular basis so at the right time we are able to make an informed decision regarding the resumption of worship. One thing I do know is that when we are able to have a worship service it will be an Easter service. It may not be on the day the calendar says but it will be a resurrection service we will all enjoy!

What do we do in this unique and anxious time? The best thing we can do is pray. Most of us have spent our lives in church and lived comfortable lives. Yes, we have our ups and downs, but the corona virus is something else altogether. Pray for calm in our souls and minds. Calm against the chaos of the time. Pray for others that they and everyone is kept safe. A little bit of Bible reading will be of great help. Pick your favorite passages, read a Psalm a day or a book of the Bible at a time.

Even though we are not holding worship services the church office is open. Please call first if you plan to come by for any reason. You may sit and pray in the sanctuary if you wish and revel in its serenity and peace. Call the church anytime and we will be in touch with you. Contact Pastor Alan directly if needed. If you are a Facebook user there will be information posted on the church Facebook page as well.

If you are a person who places an offering in the collection plate, there are options for you. You may send your offering to the church in the mail. Another option that Maureen and I have done is set up an automatic payment with your bank to be sent to the church on a regular basis. You may also give online on the church website. 

Besides calling the church directly for updated information, you may look at the website or Facebook page. If you know a church member without internet access, please share this information with them.

Please stay informed and follow the health and safety procedures we receive and seem to change from day to day. This is not the time to be lax with our own health and safety. Each one of us is in the age range more susceptible to a viral infection. My son, the nurse, reminded me of that!

I leave you with this, Great God, help us to have such faith that neither success nor disaster shall turn us aside from the love of you. In our success, help us to know that what we achieve we can lose. In our disaster, help us to know that tomorrow is a new day. In success or disaster, assure us that your requirements are a clean conscience, a loving spirit and a forgiving heart. Amen.

Blessings, Pastor Alan