Comfort zones

When was the last time God took you out of your comfort zone? What did it feel like? Were you a bit apprehensive? Were you eager to serve? How long ago was it?

God has been getting people out of their comfort zone since day one. Once we begin to pay attention to God in our life and follow as faithfully as we are able, God will take us to places we would never dream of going and doing things we thought were impossible. But as we know, nothing is impossible for God. All God needs is a willing heart and great things may be accomplished.

While Jesus walked this earth he did the same thing. He invited ordinary people to drop what they were doing and work with him. Men and women gave up their trade craft, their lives to follow this man. They learned all they could from him. They witnessed who he was and what he did and then went out into the world spreading the good news that the Messiah had come and new life was possible in the midst of the trials and struggles of life.

Where has God called you to minister? What has God asked you to do? Is it out of your comfort zone? Most likely it is, but that is when God is most at work in us, when we put our agenda aside and serve in the name of Jesus.