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We have been able to visit national parks the last two years. Besides being magnificent places to visit we noticed how many people were taking selfies, with the beauty of the park behind the person. Here in Naples during one of the winter break school weeks we were walking along the beach towards sunset time and again so many people were taking selfies with the gulf and sun as the backdrop. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself but it is also an indicator of where our society is focused. We worry and think more about ourselves than anything else. It is not a new phenomenon but it has been becoming more and more prevalent in our society.

The problem is that a self-oriented person is the exact opposite of what a Christian person strives to be. Years ago I was watching Danny Ainge doing an interview on ESPN. At the time he was in the championship playoffs and the reporter asked him what was foremost on his mind. He responded, God, my family and basketball is somewhere down the list. A Christian should always strive to put God first in their life and then other people and finally the self somewhere down the line. That is the simple command by Jesus for all to follow, love God and one another. It really couldn’t get any simpler than that.

The struggle is within each of us and the perceived need to take care of ourselves before we reach out to others if we do at all. Of course we need to care for ourselves so we are able to do the work of Christ in the world but if care of the self leads to a disregard for others we are not fulfilling the command of Jesus. It goes beyond a personal approach as well. In the U.S. we are losing the aspect of the “Common Good.” There are a number of people who do not give to charities in our country, who amass wealth and property only for the self. The self also shows up in churches throughout the country. The majority of churches struggle to meet budgets each year even though the members of the church have enough funds to fully fund a budget. They are worried about the self and not trusting enough in God.

It is a faith issue. We put our faith in ourselves rather than God. We have been taught to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and be strong. We don’t need anyone’s help, we can do it all by ourselves. This is the struggle of humanity, self or other. Our lives should be a combination of self and other. All people should work for the common good of society and for people of faith the order or importance is God, other and self.

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