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Don't Give Love a Bad Name

I was reminded of the song from Bon Jovi, “You Give Love a Bad Name.” The song is about romantic love. What I am talking about is the love that is rooted and grounded in God. One of the expressions for God that is well known is simply, God is love. From there everything flows outward to each and every person who believes in God and lives to the best of their ability doing God’s work and will in their lives.

Sadly we are all human. Humans fail, some would call it sin and through the process of forgiveness people can move on gaining new insight and perspective recognizing where they went wrong and start over again with the grace and love of God.

In the news recently the love of God is getting a bad name from two primary sources. The scandals of abuse that have rocked the Roman Catholic Church give God’s love a bad name. Hopefully the Catholic Church will take appropriate action so this no longer happens. The scale of this abuse is still unknown and unless the church takes a serious inward look and makes changes, the abuse will still occur.

The second source giving God’s love a bad name is the evangelical end of the Protestant Church in this country. Several well-known leaders have cozied up to the current administration to get their agenda pushed through the political process. They have forgotten the basic elements of Christianity in their pursuit of power. The individuals who have cozied up to the political leaders are all millionaire pastors, kind of an oxymoron.

They forget what happened to Jesus. He was killed by the dominant political power of the day, the Roman Empire. Jesus said in the course of his trial that his kingdom was not of this world. Jesus also reached out to the population that the dominant society shunned. He reached out to the least and the lost, not the mighty and powerful. Through his life and work he did attract people that were in positions of power but the majority of his followers came from the ordinary population.

The power of Jesus is love finding its root and strength in God. When that is forgotten by anyone who calls themselves a Christian the result is giving God’s love a bad name. Not only in their particular sphere of influence but it gives the whole of Christianity a bad name.

Don’t give love a bad name.

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