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As part of my seminary education I did an independent study on Haitian sugar cane cutters. I have also been involved in a mission project in the Dominican Republic (DR) that serves the poor, both Haitians and Dominicans. Thousands of Haitians live and work in abject poverty in the Dominican Republic. They left Haiti in search of a better life. Many end up working as sugar cane cutters making meager wages and are in reality not much more than modern day slaves in the sugar industry. Haitians are the second class citizens in the Dominican Republic and if the sugar crop is not plentiful Haitians can be picked up and brought back to the border even though they may have lived in the DR for many years.

The United States political machine and military has a long history on the island of Hispaniola. I won’t go into that, this article would go on too long. One of the books I read about the plight of the sugar cane cutters for the independent study suggested that if the United States spent what it did on military action and keeping both Haitians and Dominicans out of this country on the infrastructure and trying to improve the countries the people would not have a reason to come here.

Pick any large immigrant population that migrated to the U.S. and behind it you will find unrest on the home front of all those nations. What is happening today has been happening for all time. People are always in exile, under oppression, living in hunger and war torn places. From Old Testament times to the present humanity has not gotten past tribalism and the king of the hill attitude. For all the advances in science and technology we have yet to learn how to live together as one on the face of the earth.

Jesus gave us the example to follow. He reached out to anyone who was seeking a better life. He went beyond the bounds of society to reach out to the oppressed and the rejected to show us, those who are richly blessed how to live.

Most people that come here do so seeking a better life regardless of the country of origin. It is what makes this country unique, the rich diversity of peoples and cultures. May God continue to bless this diversity and may we all live in harmony and peace.

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