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Our nation celebrates its independence from Great Britain this week. It was the beginning of a bold experiment and the framers of the Constitution had a mighty task before them, how to form and frame a government that is run by and for the people. Since none of us were there at the time we can only imagine the amount of work and difficulties those in power at the time had in making the effort come to fruition.

It all began when those first explorers were in search of a better life or perhaps a new trade route to the far east of new ways to make money. For the folks that this church is named for, they were in search of religious freedom. Freedom to worship and not have the state tell them what they could do.

The church today is about and has always been about a different kind of freedom. What the church offers is spiritual and emotional freedom. Have you ever known a person who has been able to quit an addictive behavior like using tobacco products, alcohol or other drugs? What changes did you see in that person? These are perhaps some of the best and easiest to see examples of what freedom within a person is like. An addictive personality keeps a person in an emotional prison without an opportunity for freedom and growth and to become the person God meant them to be. It doesn’t have to be an addiction to a substance it could be a person in an abusive relationship who finally decides enough is enough and frees them from the relationship. Or it could be some other internal thing going on with a person. It matters not what is keeping person from being the person God intended them to be as long as person recognizes they are not free and have a desire to be free. It is a process. An initial step towards freedom can happen in an instant when a decision is made to stop. The process of being free is a lifelong way of living that begins the moment the decision is made. What better time to examine your own self to see if you are free indeed than the fourth of July.

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