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Jesus Loves the Little Children

I remember when I was doing student teaching (I am certified in elementary education) I was in a fifth grade class. The way the teacher taught writing and grammar was to have the students write a story on their own. They would self-edit the story. Then ask another student to edit the story then the teacher would make the final edits. In the end the story would be read to the class.

There were two sisters in the school who were adopted. They were originally from Vietnam. In one story the older child wrote about how she and her pregnant mother walked for days to escape the horrors and violence of war in southeast Asia. She told how her mother died in childbirth. The baby that was born was the younger sister that was now in the school where I was. Reading her story was heart wrenching. It is impossible to fathom the trauma this young girl went through in her young life. She was not alone and is not alone.

The sad reality is today there are more refugees in the world than there ever were before. This country used to be the champion of human rights and now because of the current leadership we are turning way from our core beliefs, morals and ethics and adding to the chaos of the world rather than alleviating the pain and suffering of those seeking refuge and a better life. God only knows how much short and long term spiritual, emotional and physical damage is being done to children and families.

This behavior is in no way faith based. Not Christian, not any faith. It is faithless. The decisions of the national government are based on money and power, not faith. Since members of the administration like to quote scripture no doubt there are a lot of ministers like myself who are saying, go ahead bring it on. Jesus said, "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

The denomination this church belongs to accepts all people and we stand by that. We are all children of God in need of God’s love and we try to live that out in our daily lives. This denomination does not support the actions of separating children from their parents and is working with others to bring about change.



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