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In Search of Meaning

Humanity has been in search of meaning forever. Archeologists, anthropologists, theologians and scientists of all sorts have been trying to figure out where we came from and why we are here. So far, no one knows. You may be thinking how can a pastor be saying that? What about the book of Genesis and the creation narratives? Well, in this denomination we look at the Bible as the inspired word of God, not the inerrant word of God. That means that the folks that wrote down and or dictated the words to scribes were inspired by their faith to write what they did. Does that approach mean we have less faith than other denominations? No, it is that we look at our faith in light of what God is still creating with intelligence, questions and prayer. I have said in sermons that the known world of the Bible was limited in geographic range and knowledge. The known world of the Bible was the middle-east and Mediterranean region of the world. The people of the Bible did not have the advancement of knowledge we do today. Their concept of the heavens and universe is much different than ours today thanks to the Hubble telescope and astronomers and scientists who study the heavens. We also have the advantage of peering into the smallest particles of matter through electron microscopes to see strands of DNA, what an atom looks like and so much more. The writers of the Bible did not have these things to help in their search for meaning in life and God.

One of the things that has not changed for people of faith is that we continue to look at life of all kinds and marvel at the entire creation of earth, sea and sky. We call the creator God, some call it intelligent design. Indigenous people have called it the Great Spirit. Whatever you name it, it is impossible not to marvel at all of creation from the tiniest particle to the far distant galaxies light years away.

What will future generations be able to see with the aid of science and technology that we cannot see today? Just like the people of biblical times, centuries from now humans may see a whole lot more of creation than we are able to see today. That is a good reason for science and religion to work together. We are both in search of the same thing, the answer to how we got here, why are we here and where we are going.

We have more questions than we have answers. This we know, along the journey of life we continue to question our faith, ask pertinent questions about life and marvel at creation.

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