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When you read the Bible or hear people quote from it you should take into account the time and place it was written.  Sadly a lot of well- meaning people do not take the time to do that. These are often the folks that will quote a Bible verse and apply it to a situation today.  Granted in some cases Bible verses are able to do that because ultimately the Bible shows humanity how to live our lives more fully as God intended.  Many times though a piece of scripture taken out of context can hurt someone.  So you must really look at the time and place the words from the Bible were written.  They were all written in the Middle East and Mediterranean region 2000-3000 years ago in an entirely different culture than today.  The Bible we have today does not include every writing of the time, only those selected by a particular group and put in the form we have it centuries after Jesus died. The known world for the writers of the Bible was very small.  They were very limited geographically and had not concept of the entire world that exists.  Stars in the sky did not reveal the distant galaxies that the Hubble telescope has been able to provide us today.  Nor could the people of the time see what we are able to see on the other end of the visible spectrum as we peer into an electron microscope and see strands of one’s DNA and sub atomic particles.  Nor could they comprehend plate tectonics and the shifting earth as it rotates on its axis.  As a result their concept of God was different than ours today. 

Because of how much we are able to ‘see’ in the visible world it creates a greater sense of awe and wonder.  How did creation begin?  That is the ultimate question for humanity and we still search for the answer.  For me it is a mix of science, (being able to see more as more becomes visible) and faith that there is something behind creation. We happen to call it God.  Like our ancestors of biblical times our view of life and humanity is still incomplete.  We may never know the answer to the question of how it all began and maybe we aren’t supposed to answer the question, but we continually strive to understand that there is a life force at work in the Universe, call it God, Spirit or whatever term you like, it is something so much greater than what we can ask or imagine we are at a loss to even define other than to say it is God at work in the world and in all things God works for good and in the end God will prevail.  We are simply along for the ride and what a ride it is.

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