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Celestial Happenings

The eclipse that happened in the US certainly caught the attention of the nation.  Here in SWFL unless you had the correct eye protection, the afternoon just got a little dim for a while.  As many watched online or on television the excitement the eclipse generated in the areas of the country where it was in totality was something to behold.  The next eclipse will be in 2024 so we won’t have to wait all that long.  Start planning now!

There is something about celestial happenings that create interest in most of us to one degree or another.  Here in SWFL it is the sun as it disappears below the horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.  We call it a sunset, but it is the earth revolving that makes the sun to appear as though it is sinking into the gulf.  People have always gazed and howled at the moon.  When the moon is full, people reportedly act stranger than normal.  Just ask an emergency Room nurse or doctor. High tides during a full moon may be higher than normal.  Being a star gazer is another hobby some folks have.  How many people across the nation this week viewed the eclipse with their telescopes? 

One could go on and on about the effect celestial happenings in the sky have on humanity but if we look at biblical times for a moment and we will see there are no differences there either.  The ‘heavens’ and celestial happenings have fascinated people since God made ‘heaven’ and earth.  The most famous celestial event surrounds the birth of Christ and the wise men following a star which came to rest over Bethlehem.

Some of the more evangelical folks today said the eclipse which crossed America was a sign from God that we need to repent as a nation.  They cited some Old Testament scriptures.  When I read these things I just shake my head and think, this is one of the reasons people don’t come to church.  It shows how out of touch these religious people are with the knowledge and science of today.  They rely on Old Testament scriptures that were written down centuries ago when the people of the time did not have the understanding of the universe we do today.  I sometimes mention in church the images from the Hubble telescope.  I am amazed at the images and how vast the universe is.  Our understanding of the ‘heavens’ is expanding all the time, if we look and learn.  It gives me a sense of awe and a sense of wonder about how on this one little planet in the vast universe we even exist.  The miracle is the Creator we call God has given us this place and time to exist and live and have a meager understanding of how life works. 

One of my favorite photos was taken from the moon by the Apollo astronauts.  It shows this earth without boundaries, an orb floating in space just like an unknown number of planets in an unknown number of galaxies across the vastness of space.  It makes one feel small and insignificant.  It also makes this writer thankful for the life I have and the opportunity to continue to observe and learn about celestial happenings.

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