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What did Jesus teach?

If you look around these days you may be thinking, ‘can things get any worse?’  It seems that no matter where you look there is division, angst, fear, violence and the list goes on.  Those of us of a certain age may be heard to say, ‘It wasn’t like this when I was growing up. Things were different back then.’

Ah, the good old days.  Reality is if you take the time to look, humanity has not changed much since the written record began.  One of the best examples of the written record of course is the Bible. In it you will see humans behaving badly, just as bad as humans do today.  Much of the bad behavior in the Bible is couched in the religion of the day.  That is when people point to the hypocrisy of religion and it is easy to see why. 

But that is not the point of the story of the Bible.  The point is to show God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit at work in humanity in an effort to change the course of humanity and the course of history.

Jesus laid it out quite simply for all of humanity on how we are to act as humans on this earth.  There is no real getting around what he said.  Love God, love neighbor, forgive, always act with compassion and mercy and lift up the downtrodden. The stories that appear in the Gospels are filled with examples of how we who follow Jesus are to act.  It is plain and simple.  It has to be, for humanity is plain and simple.  It is plain and simple so anyone anywhere is able to understand the words of Jesus.

Sadly though, humans always seem to twist Jesus’s words to fit their own agendas and desires.  That has been seen recently with the current administration and some of the more evangelical conservative Christians. It appears to this writer that these people who claim to be Christian have forgotten the basic tenets of the Christian faith in order to see their personal agenda brought forth.  That agenda has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus but is their own creation and desire. 

All one has to do is search the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels and you will not find judgement, condemnation or rebuke from Jesus, only when Jesus goes after the powers that be who are attempting to destroy him.  Those in our society today who judge, condemn and rebuke are not Christians even though they may claim to be.

This writer’s goal on Sundays is to try and interpret the scriptures both old and new in the time and place they were written and apply them to our society and lives today.  And all the time keeping the words and teachings of Jesus at the forefront of all we do.

Jesus never turned anyone away, neither do we.

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