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We Are Better Than This

Yet another in a long line of mass shootings that plaque our nation and culture takes place.  This time in Lafayette, LA.  Newtown, CT didn’t have an effect on the nation’s gun laws, so why would we think the latest shooting would change anything?  Most likely it won’t but people, we are better than this.  What is wrong that we can’t change the laws and make it more difficult to purchase a gun and realize that the Bill of Rights was written in a different time and for a different purpose than those who promote the second amendment as an unchangeable right.  To the people that want to hold fast to that right, what about the commandment, “Thou shall not kill?”

I think Jesus would disagree.  What right does an ordinary citizen have to take another life?  Jesus’ teachings are love, grace, forgiveness, compassion.  His teachings did not condone random killing or taking of another life in any manner.  Can we call ourselves Christians if we believe it is okay for one citizen to kill another?  Or even have the ease and ability with gun ownership to do so?    

Earlier this week I was at a meeting in Miami Dade County for disaster preparedness.  As part of the session we listened to an officer from the county Sheriff’s office talk about what to do in the case of an active shooter.  In part of his talk he asked the question, “Who has ever heard a gunshot?”  A number of hands went up.  Then he said the first time he heard an AK-47 he was assigned to work in Opa-locka, FL.  His thought when he heard it was, “These guns aren’t supposed to be here.”  If a sheriff’s department officer thinks that, then what is wrong with us that we allow it to be that way in our society? 

These guns are not supposed to be here.  The average citizen in our society has no need of a gun of any kind, unless they are hunters. 

We are better than this, aren’t we?  God…. I hope and pray it is so!


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